Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Checking In...

I haven't been good about posting to this blog lately, probably because I originally started it to talk about the Android NDK, and I haven't been doing much of that lately. I've been jumping around to different parts of Android, trying to learn more about the entire system. But I've made what Tim Bray says is a fundamental blogging mistake, which is to only write about what you think your audience wants to hear. Oops. I guess I should really start writing about what I've been doing, whether or not it's NDK-related (or even Android related).

What I've mostly been working on, besides the inevitable "partner support" email queue, is a Google Tasks app. Yeah, I know, not groundbreaking. But all of the apps I've found so far do it wrong. They don't authenticate with my Google account token--instead, they ask me for my actual Google credentials, which I'm not going to give them. And they don't sync correctly. I want a Tasks app that's as solid as the Gmail app, and since I have the code to the Gmail app, I think I ought to be able to do it. I've got most of the account management stuff worked out, and I have access to the GTasks API (which is, by the way, kind of incomplete), and now I'm writing a ContentProvider so that I can hook it to a SyncAdapter and make background sync work. That's taken me down a path of inventing a lightweight ORM so that I can write a ContentProvider without having to do a whole lot of redundant keyboarding. (I almost said "typing," but that's an overloaded term in this context.)

So that's probably what I'll be writing about for the next little while: my quixotic attempt to do a simple Android app The Right Way. I want it to be a shining example in every possible way. I've already found a few places where that's going to be impossible, because no Right Way exists. But that's a subject for another post...

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